1. DSP’s 2-Week Makeup Challenge! (DAY 4)

    Day 4:  How many individual items of makeup do you own?  (You don’t need to review all of these, but it’s fun to count!)

    Er, what counts as makeup? Say lipsticks, eyeshadows, powder, blush, lipgloss, mascara and eyeliner? Nailpolish too? Foundation?

    Let’s make a LIST!
    - I have about 5-6 lipsticks (a couple more back home), 3 or 4 of which are from MAC, one from YSL and one from Isadora (5)
    - about 3-4 glosses (I’m a bit over them, so they’re all kinda old; the only one I really use is Orgasm from NARS, and sometimes the Wonder Woman one from MAC (x4)
    - highlighter (High Beam Benefit), 2x blush (Nars Orgasm Multiple, Dandelion Blush from Benefit) (x3)
    - 1xEyeshadow quad from Stila, 2xEyeshadow Trios from Rimmel, 3x MaxFactor Sticks (newly purchased!) (x6)
    blotting powder from Stila, MAC Studio Tech powder (which is now MIA so haven’t used it for ages!), another random powder from Stila that doesn’t have a box (x3)
    - 5-10 eyeliners (I have at least 2 from MAC, one from Nars, 2 waterproof ones I got in Thailand, a turquoise one, a green one, a purple one, a black one, a brown one (x10)
    - 1x lip pencil in red (I never really use this)
    - 1x Foundation (Rimmel wake me up or something, never really use this), 1xtinted moisturizer, 1xBB Cream
    - 5x Mascaras (2 of them are definitely old and need throwing away!!)
    - nailpolishes: 6 tiny ones from max factor, 1 from NARS, three random ones from rimmel, one barry m,…let’s just say about 12…o.o (x12)

    THIS ALL GIVES US…A TOTAL OF…..52 (I think).

    Which isn’t bad, but it isn’t great either. All of these have been purchased in the last 3 years, with the majority being purchased in 2011. I don’t really wear a lot of makeup on most days. xoxo

  2. Max Factor Smoky Eye Effect

    I was in Boots early this morning buying shampoo and razors and other random, boring stuff, when I came across these:

    Bronze Haze, Onyx Smoke, Purple Dust and Silver Storm

    These came out in 2010 I think, and the complete collection has 2 other shades, one a blue/purple mix and the other a green/brown mix.

    What was special about these and why I got them now, was because Boots is doing an offer and they caught my eye: buy a mascara and get a free eyeshadow stick. I guess because these haven’t sold all that well (the reviews online aren’t saying great things, but I’ve yet to test mine). I’ll be honest, I bought the first three, which was not really worth it, but I had a weak moment -.- I imagine I’ll be trying Bronze Haze and then I’ll return the other 2, as I swatched them all on my hand about 2 hours ago in Boots, and they’ve already faded into nothingness (I haven’t washed my hands or anything, just been sitting at a computer since!).

    What was funny however was, because these eyeshadows were free with purchase and the cheapest mascara was 10.99, while the eyeshadow was 7 pounds (yes i just spent 20 quid on eyeshadow even tho i hardly wear any, sue me!), I had this funny conversation with the girl at the counter:

    Her: For three extra pounds you can get mascara as well
    Me: Yeah but I don’t need three mascaras really…[edit: and I really don’t!]
    Her: But, it’s worth it, you get more products this way.
    Me: I’m fine really, but thanks anyway.
    Her: Are you sure?
    Me: Yes, just the eyeshadows will do…
    Her: “Alright then…”

    Then she proceeded to look super upset and confused. Then 5 seconds later the exact same thing happened with razors. “You know you get a free shaving gel with this!” “I dont really use shaving gel…” “You should, and it’s free…By this point she looked so frustrated and annoyed, I just went and grabbed the damn shower gel.

    Swatches and/or impressions to come once I get home.

  3. DSP’s 2-Week Makeup Challenge! (DAY 3)

    Day 3:  Who is your biggest makeup inspiration, and why?

    Er…I don’t really have a makeup inspiration. I love people like Michelle Phan or Elle and Blair Fowler, or Promise Phan…and I think their youtube videos are absolutely fabulous. I also follow some of the work of MAC makeup artists and I admire them a lot. But when it comes to my own makeup, and to colours and trends and the ‘look’, I normally just go for flawless skin and mascara/a bit of eyeliner. I love colours, but I find they don’t always look amazing at me. So I’ll put up pictures of women I love who inspire me with the flawless skin and modest makeup. I like their healthy glow and the empahsis on their natural features.

    I’ll stop here. I know most people will be like “Uh they’re photoshopped” or “they’re celebrities, nobody can look like them” and stuff. But I disagree, all those women are naturally beautiful, much like every other woman on Earth is. Those women in particular just happen to be famous. Over and out.

  4. DSP’s 2-Week Makeup Challenge! (DAY 2)

    (A bit late) Day 2:  Do you own any makeup palettes?  If yes, what are they?  If no, what ones do you want?

    Um, I made my own little nude-y makeup palette using Stila eyeshadows, you can check it out HERE. The thing is, I don’t wear so much eyeshadow normally, so I saw no point in buying expensive MAC ones.

    But I am saving up for the NAKED 2 palette, because it’s just so easy to wear. It’s a bit out of my price range at the moment, though, so maybe this summer!

    Debenhams, £32.40

  5. SMASH - Never Give All the Heart (Katherine McPhee version) (by tvaholic)

  6. Handsomest boyfriend ever?  I think so. DROOL.

(see there H&M jeans, shirt and jacket from previous post!)
sidenote: the pic is a biiiit fuzzy cause I took it -.- that’s why I don’t take pictures of myself, cause I’m like a ghost, I go near camera and it all goes blurry :P

    Handsomest boyfriend ever?  I think so. DROOL.

    (see there H&M jeans, shirt and jacket from previous post!)

    sidenote: the pic is a biiiit fuzzy cause I took it -.- that’s why I don’t take pictures of myself, cause I’m like a ghost, I go near camera and it all goes blurry :P

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